The message we want to send to the world from the middle of the city.

TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2020 Art Competition

Since its opening in March 2007, Tokyo Midtown has been striving to create a town that will continue to convey to the world the values and sensibilities of Japan, a country that can be proud of in the 21st century, under the theme of "JAPAN VALUE" (new Japanese values, sensibilities and talents).
The TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD, which started in 2008 as one of the actions of this project and is now in its 13th year, is a design and art competition that aims to meet, support and collaborate with talented young designers and artists. The TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD has been held 13 times in the past, and has produced a total of 19,670 entries, 110 design competition groups and 193 winners (a total of 115 groups and 210 winners), and 69 art competition groups and 72 winners. Many young talents have greatly expanded their fields of activity through this award.

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